Controlling Mouse

Chant SpeechKit
Controlling application functions without having to use a mouse or keyboard.
Chant Inc.
Juggle Mouse
Juggle Mouse incorporates a trail that follows the mouse pointer movement.
Dachshund Software
mouse mouse driver

Controlling Mouse

Mood Mouse
Program Remote Mouse and Keyboard for PC and MAC.
Black Box Development
Mouse Tutor
Mouse Tutor - Turn any mouse into a one button mouse!
Mouse Shaker
Application which recognizes mouse symbols.
Nemex Studios 2012

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Controlling Mouse

Auto Mouse Clicker
Automate mouse clicks.
Just Gestures
Create mouse gestures with user-defined actions.
Miroslav Dzurenko
Advanced Mouse Clicker
Advanced Mouse Clickercan simulate a lot of mouse actions.
RobotSoft, Inc
Mouse Clicks
Mouse Click helps you to click mouse automatically on computer screen.
Tool that allows controlling your mouse cursor via keyboard.
Neat Decisions
Windows Driver Package - Virtual Computer Paravirtualized Mouse (vcimofltr) Mouse
Virtual Computer Paravirtualized Mouse
Touch Mouse Mate
Touch Mouse Mate helps alter some default behaviors of the Touch Mouse.
Lex Li
One SwitchMouse
The program enables a user to control the mouse pointer using a single switch.
Claro Software
G9X Driver
It enables you to configure the Alien IV G9X gaming mouse.